Wedding timelines - Wedding timelines

The following timelines can be requested free of charge for any invitation ,
in case the invitation has enough space,
for the timeline to get married on it.

The timeline can also be printed on the back of the invitations.
the additional cost of this is 0.55 lei/pc or approx. 50 ft/pc.

For invitations where there is not enough space , a small additional card can be ordered,
in the style that matches the invitation, from the paper that matches the paper of the invitation,
the price of this is 1.5 lei/pc or approx . 130 ft/pc.
The timelines below can be requested in both landscape and portrait orientation, in more or less steps.
Style Timeline 1:
Style 2 Timeline:
Style Timeline 3:
Style Timeline 4:
Style Timeline 5:
Style Timeline 6: